Submissions, an keepin on

Da day, I sent half a dizzin poyims tae a Scottish Literary Magazine.  Now, A’m been meanin ta send tae dim fur a start.  A braa start.  Bit hit’s aisier ta keen you sood as it is ta actually gjit on wi hit.  Hit’s somethin I think A’m gjittin better at. 

Somethin else at I ony realised in da past year or dat, is you can send gear mair as ee plaes.  No at da sam time, weel I widna onywye I joost dunna think hit’s cool.  Bit at laest een o dis poyims A’m sent da day as been read an passed by.

Time wis, I wid takk dat ta be da end o dat poyims useful life, aften wi graet sadness.  Espeeshilly if hit wis een o twartree (lets faes it, dey ay ir) an a selection o hit’s comrades had med hit.  Noo, if some win in an some dunna, hit’s choost a chance ta send da eens at dunna somewhaar iddir.

Of coorse, wance you’re run oot o possible plaesis (no hard fur a Shaetlan poyim, practically impossible fur a Ingleesh een) you micht hae ta ax yoursel if your belief in dat poyim is misguided, if hit can be rowt on an whit hiv you.

Until sic a time, choost keep pittin dem oot dere.  Hit’s whaar dey belang.


About damagnifyingless

I live in Glasgow, and express myself through poetry, film, photography and my blog at
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