Pedal to the metal

Today, I went with MBD, the Boy Wonder and My Better half to the Cycling Gymkhana at Kelvin Hall Sports Arena.  This was a recreation of part of the 1901 festival, and part of this year’s Arches Behaviour festival.  There was a cycling egg and spoon race, a slow cycling race, live music, a history lesson and a Penny Farthing, which no-one was actually crazy enough to ride.

Having helped decorate our good friend’s bike, who’d invited us to the event, TBW enjoyed the spotlight as all the decorated audience bicycles were paraded around the hall.  The bike didn’t win, but TBW took it all in his stride (and won a Crème Egg for his troubles).

There was a great energy at this event, partly to do with Eilidh McAskill, partly to do with bicycles, and partly to do with theatre being made in a space that is usually used for something else.  All three of these should definitely be encouraged, and I was glad of them today.


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