Da Monday Poyim

Monday at da Magnifyin Gless is poem day.  I’m using a previously published poem of my own today, but would like to provide a platform for the finest poets alive and dead.  If you have poems that I can use, send them to magnuscwilliamson@yahoo.co.uk.

“Böd” was written when I was looking for an image to accompany half a dozen poems published in  Northwords Now 18 last year.  I found a photograph of Da Böd o Nesbister, where my cousins and I used to spend sunny, stormy summer holidays.

We most likely went there for about two weeks at a time, but it felt like forever.  In a really, really good way.  We fished, we played tennis, we even cut a golf course.  The photograph took me right back to that time.  This is the poem that came out as a result.  It was in da Simmir New Shetlander last year.


Mirrir ir magnifyin
gless, a tide risin
laek a lambin sun
sinks stons anunder da saat
o aabody’s faat, an da mortar
haes fun oot at dryin oot
nivvir lests, an hingin on
is aa dat’s left, bidin in
wi da best company
du can keep, dan a slaet
slips, da tilly lamp pleepses
at dis wind’s dat ill
du’ll be lucky ta see
da lintel i da moarneen
if he comes ta de ava,
if du isna droond
aneath da birlinn
o da wattir roon da mön
aroond da wirld aroond
da hoidir ahint cloods,
da drier oot o hei,
da licht at blinds da een
at seeks new life
i da dim riv,
no tae ain hit
choost ta keep da boat


About damagnifyingless

I live in Glasgow, and express myself through poetry, film, photography and my blog at https://damagnifyingless.wordpress.com
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6 Responses to Da Monday Poyim

  1. emma says:

    lovely – didn’t understand much of it, but the words and tempo are evocative and beautiful. thanks for the link and for posting something in this lovely tongue.

  2. Kerry says:

    I too laekit hit. Will look forward to more of the same. x

  3. Maggie Rabatski says:

    Magic! Any poem with a tilly lamp works for me!

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