Good food’s miles better

On the second and fourth Saturdays of every month, a troop of four by fours arrive at Mansfield Square in Partick.  Stalls are set out, barbecues are lit (under cover if necessary), and for four hours between 10am and 2pm a thriving market supplies organic meat, vegetables, fresh baking, cheese, curries, fish and seafood.

We have our favourites.  We regularly stock up on mutton pies for TBW.  The stall is run by a sheep farmer from Greenock, who has his wonderful pies specially made by a baker in Govan.

We buy ten at a time, freeze a few and try to spin them out over the fortnight.  This prevents us from suffering the indignity of buying Commercial Factory Products to assuage TBW’s passion for pie.

If you’re too late, the good people of Partick have eaten all the pies, so one has to be sharpish.  So this morning, I got myself, TBW and MBD dressed and ready for action and braved the Saturday morning.

As well as the pies, we came home with organic free range eggs, one cherry scone, one fruit scone and a jar of Scottish Four Berry Jam.  The jam is from Perth, and is made of Strawberries, Raspberries, Blackcurrants and Redcurrants.  I’ve bought jam from this stall before and it’s great.

There’s probably a rational explanation for this, but I’m tickled by the fact that the label declares 55g fruit and 55g sugar per 100g of jam.  I have been infuriated by the 110% culture in recent years, and find it in the main an horrific abuse of both the English language and basic arithmetic.  But 110% fruity flavour really butters my toast.  The only problem is going to be making it last two weeks.

We can’t source all our food from there, and even this food carries more miles than might be absolutely necessary, but the more I can support local food producers the happier I am.  And if I play my cards, TBW might even let me have one of the pies.


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