Starting, stopping and starting again

A few weeks ago I created a wordpress account. It was surprisingly easy.  I put up a couple of posts, promoted them on Facebook and Twitter, struck on the idea that I’d put up a poem every Monday, reviewed a play on the blog which the producers, NTS, liked enough to tweet about, and then I stopped.

I believe I am in pretty good company.  Kona MacPhee posted about just this phenomenon (not that I’ve done as much as she has in the “blogosphere”) on her excellent blog, That Elusive Clarity.  And Rob MacKenzie, poet, blogger and Reverend, whose blog Surroundings has hosted some fine debates and provided a great forum before everyone was on Facebook, struggles to make the time.

But hang on a minute, they’ve both been editing Magma.  What have I been doing? Sitting around scratching my RSS feeds?  Well as a matter of fact, I am living in interesting times.  As of the 1st of May, a day I never failed to hate working, I am now officially between jobs.  Considering my options.  Spending some time with my family.  Resting. Planning my next move.

Yes, after ten years My Beloved Employer became My Ex Beloved Employer.  And now it’s up to me to get on with the rest of my life.  And if it was only my life, that would be fine.  But it’s not.  I’ve got MBD and TBW and MBH to think about.

So what to do?  The easiest and safest thing is to find a job doing what I’ve done for the past ten years.  But for most of that time I’ve hated the environment I was in, if not the work itself.  This is the perfect opportunity for me to redefine who I am and what I have to offer society.

So I am trying to develop my skills and experience as a teacher of poetry.  And hopefully other forms, but poetry is what I know most about.  I’m looking at FE colleges, regional theatres, and have grand plans about running a series of multidisciplinary retreats.  It’s all thrilling, and there are days when I think “Ya dancer! This is going to work!”.  And there are days when it all seems to take too long to set up and yield too little, and I feel the fear.

So I guess that’s stopped me from writing this blog.  But part of the idea behind the blog is that it’s a shop window for my poems, and my reviewing (on the Sphinx website you can read my reviews of Leon Shann’s “Off the Menu” and Ross Wilson’s excellent “The Heavy Bag”).  And everything I’m doing and have to offer.  So I’d better get the fingers dancing, and the old posterior in gear.  It will probably be a bumpy ride to get to where I want to be, but I think it will be worth it.  Wish me luck!


About damagnifyingless

I live in Glasgow, and express myself through poetry, film, photography and my blog at
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