The Where

The Where

You can find out what I write, or at least what I’ll admit to writing, on this site.  And if I have any publication success you’ll hear about it, but I’m interested in making a stab at answering the What, Where, When and How of my writing practise.

Maybe having done that, I’ll go there with the Why thing.  But right now I don’t want to say I’ll answer it (although the answers to the other questions should give a lot away). But today, I want to talk about where I write.

Which is a total cop out, because I don’t have an office in the house, or a shed, or an actual place of work I go to.  The primary location is the kitchen.  Bingo! You say.  You work in your own kitchen.

Well whoopedoo. I work with small children demanding the wheels on the bus; antagonising one another because they’re there; major diplomatic incidents which inevitably require my input going on around me. And meanwhile I’m meant to be writing poems about… well that’s another post.

As it happens, a lot of writing happens ex situ, in the notebooks when I’m travelling by rail or bus to or from some important or otherwise meeting.  It’s a nice where because it changes with every passing second (unless it’s a particularly wonderful example of public transport’s failings).

And everything is hauled back to the kitchen to see if it’s any good or not.  So suck it and see.

I believe that the place of inspiration is far more important than the place of composition.  I also believe that if standards are routinely applied at both, the results will thank you.

Tomorrow’s a dream away. Get to it.  Wherever you are.


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I live in Glasgow, and express myself through poetry, film, photography and my blog at
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