Aniddir Monday Poyim

Yes, it was meant to be every Monday.  And no, it hasn’t been.  When better to make amends than now.

Being at this stage in my transition from full time employment to self employment, I have a kind of a need to feel like I’m doing things; making progress, creating to do lists and ticking things off of them.  It’s all very busy.

And sometimes I find it hard to let myself rest.  Reviewing is quite good for this, as you can relax and read a book and tell yourself it’s work.  But just switching off is really difficult.  And really important.

This poem, by Robert Williamson (yes, he is my brother) captures beautifully the balance between planning, doing and recharging.  You might well have heard him read it.  I have many times, and hope I will do many times again.  For now, here it is in black and white.  Enjoy.

Yin’s Yang


Yin days …

Ah dae nocht bit thocht.


Yang days, 

Ah act on ma thocht
provokin’ mair thochts
an’ mair Acts –


Yin day …


ahl …


by Robert Williamson


About damagnifyingless

I live in Glasgow, and express myself through poetry, film, photography and my blog at
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