The heart of a novice

Yesterday, I was lucky enough to see a couple of scenes from 27, an NTS production which is on for two weeks at the Citz before moving to Cambridge Arts Theatre.

The play is based around a scientific study taking place in a closed convent.  Science and religion collide, but around all these ideas the dynamics of drama as always involve people.

After the sneak preview, I was lucky enough to speak to the cast about the play, their characters and how it had affected them.  There was quite a bit of dialogue about nuns, a bit less about scientists, and a lot about Science and Religion, and Faith and Doubt.  Although they’re often cast as opposing mindsets, scientists do what they do out of faith, and doubt is a massive part of religious practise and experience, even in cloisters.

At this point, one of the cast pointed out that although these themes are addressed by the play, it is fundamentally a love story.   Which I’m delighted to hear.  As I’ve said before, theatre is good at getting beyond facts and even ideas, and if it’s not about people you’d be better off with a good old fashioned book.

I would say though, that in common with science and religion, love is another area of human life that tackles those two things that make us as human as we are.  Our faith in, and our doubt of ourselves and each other.


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