Dis Monday’s Poyim

This Monday I’d like to share another of my published poems with you.  I wrote this after going to Wordplay festival in 2010.  The day after my reading, I’d gone to a workshop run by Jen Hadfield, and thanks to her and the group’s support produced some lines of verse which turned into a poem, a line or two of which were removed and grew into another poem.

We’d looked at and spoken about a lot of good poetry before we wrote, and we were encouraged to use the paper they were printed on.  This was a pretty spiritual exercise I found, and reflecting on that paper proximity gave rise to this poem which appeared in Northwords Now with its fellow poems (“Exposed” and “Saab”).  Now if I could only follow my own advice….

Workshop Poem

Anniddir poyim aboot da mön
scrieved apö da back
o da Sharon Olds poyim
aboot hir feddir snorin.

Da aald eens is da best.
Da simplest lessons takks da langist
ta lairn.  Aabody haes dir pert
ta play, dir wan step ta takk
at a time.  Rules

is rules for a raisin.
Reduce.  Reuse.  Recycle.


About damagnifyingless

I live in Glasgow, and express myself through poetry, film, photography and my blog at https://damagnifyingless.wordpress.com
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