Blast fae da past

Over the past couple of weeks, this video has done the rounds. I like seeing myself on screen, but this one is difficult. The day after I gave this reading I was in a high dependency ward being treated for a pericardial effusion.  I knew I wasn’t well when I was up there, but I was committed, and not in as bad a way as I was the next morning.

The event was a celebration of Martin Stepek’s grandmother.  The Stepek’s family story is of human survival against the most frightful odds.  Concentration camps and cross continental expeditions were survived, but took their toll.

It was fascinating being part of the Polish diaspora for that night, as someone whose home is far away, but which I left for personal and possibly socio-economic reasons.  That “pull” has nothing to do with the violent “push” which saw the Stepeks leave Poland.  But that night I met a lot of people who understood where they were in relation to where they had been.  That we had in common.  And a lot more.


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