The times, they are a changing

It’s been a busy old few days over here at magnie hq, and will just be getting a tiny wee bit busier until it goes in any other direction.  Far more going on than I can possibly do justice to in the time that everything that’s going on gives me to write about it.

First things first, on Friday night there was meant to be a do for the little peoples’ nursery.  It was cancelled due to lack of support.  This was really devastating for everybody.  It was a fundraiser for summer trips and the like, they really need the money and regularly go above and beyond the call of duty.

Having the bizarre luxury of childcare arrangements in place, we took a trip up to the Grosvenor cinema to see the Angel’s Share.  As you might expect from a Ken Loach film, it’s excellent.  It’s human, intelligent, accessible, funny and sad.  Go and see it.  Unless you don’t like crying and don’t like laughing.  In which case don’t.

Yesterday, I went through to the Regal in Bathgate for their relaunch.  I blogged about what’s happening over there a couple of weeks back, and their artistic director is a scary bastard in the Angel’s Share. I’m thrilled to tell you that on the twenty first of August, My Long Suffering Mother will be eighty one years old, and my first set of poetry night classes will begin.  I read to a remarkably attentive audience considering how much else was going on.

Also, at the request of National Collective, I made a short video of Pre Nuptial, my poetic response to the beginning of the yes campaign.  Trying to get it to them made me realise how little I did with the films I shoot on our pretty tidy camera.  I couldn’t even find any software to view it on the laptop, and spent a couple of headachy days getting it from the camera to Vimeo.  Numerically, the response has been pretty amazing.  It seems as though people are happier to invest a short time watching a video online than they are having to actively read something.  It pretty much stands to reason I guess, but is certainly food for thought.

And last, but by no means least, on Wednesday I will be one of a few lucky bloggers and tweeters to chance a sneak preview of Alan Cumming’s one man version of the Scottish play at the Tramway.  To say I’m thrilled and delighted is a massive understatement.  A great play by a great company in a great theatre.  And the cast isn’t half good.  Hubble bubble. I’m a very lucky chap.


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