Do you like it funky?

Early this year, before I was Magnie Da Blogger, MBH and I went to a concert, at the Arches.  This was a Celtic Connections gig, and our first run out together for two long.  It happened to be in the same Arch I played various ne’er do wells in Detainee A, a long time ago.

What pulled us in was the Federation of the Disco Pimp.  They’d been featured on Craig Charles’ excellent funk and soul show, and were rightly described as one of the best live acts out there.  They were in the esteemed company of Smoove and Turrell.  

At the time we bought the tickets neither of us knew who Smoove and Turrell were.  A seven piece live band, they closed the night with a set we’ll never forget.  Turrell’s uniquely powerful voice, Smoove’s production cool and a stage full of virtuosity are a heady combination you must experience.  

But what put all this in my mind is the Federation of the Disco Pimp.  Having practically worn out the CD we bought at the gig, everyone at Magnie HQ is thrilled to have pre-ordered More than Dancing.  A black, shiny, groovy beauty of a limited run, vinyl only album will be with us this summer.

If you want a bit of funk in your life, get a copy.  To do that, you’ll need to either pre-order (like us) or go to one of their live gigs this summer.  You won’t regret it, unless you don’t do it.  Be good to yourself.


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