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What goes in sometimes stays in

What goes in stays in sometimes The Merchant City Festival began on Thursday.  For around four days, the square mile or so of Glasgow between George Square and Glasgow Cross is filled with markets, street theatre, music and art. This … Continue reading

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The in and out roundabout

August is shaping up to be quite a month.  Not only will I be starting my classes in Bathgate, seeing the ancestors and seeing at the very least a world premiere of one of my favourite author’s plays, I will … Continue reading

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A subway train to the future

Yesterday, I took TBW on a grunderground train and went to an event aimed at turning the tide against materialism.  “Enough’s enough, ditch the stuff” was supported, amongst others, by the National Trust for Scotland and Friends of the River … Continue reading

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Through a lens, clearly

When I started this blog, I envisioned a fair few more posts about Shetland than I’ve managed to make.  This week, I’ve been hearing about a project which cements da Aald Rock‘s relationship with the moving image. The first I … Continue reading

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Erratum and up and at ’em

First things first, my big brother invited to Turkmenistan, it was back in 1996.  However it wasn’t the Portobello Ceilidh Band, but Burach.  So apologies to them.  And still on Ak Welsapar, you can watch edited highlights of his engaging … Continue reading

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Head Gadgie

Quite some time ago now, the Portobello Ceilidh Band were invited to Turkmenistan, to play for the Presidents Birthday, or the Presidents Cats Wedding Anniversary or something.  Anyway, it was a massive event, and my big brother was flown out … Continue reading

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More than Pimping

I’ve been burning to tell you about this one.  On Friday morning, there was a knock at the door of Magnie Mansions.  Usually it’s a neighbour telling me I’ve left my keys in the door.  But not this time.  This … Continue reading

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