Through a lens, clearly

When I started this blog, I envisioned a fair few more posts about Shetland than I’ve managed to make.  This week, I’ve been hearing about a project which cements da Aald Rock‘s relationship with the moving image.

The first I remember hearing of “A Hansel of Film” was a listing in the Creative Scotland Opportunities looking for “Runners”.  Volunteers were needed to transport films from venue to venue by whatever means they can come up with.

The next I heard, Kevin MacNeil was doing something crazy with a bike (which isn’t that unusual) and was looking for a mariner to help him complete his section.  Then Lynda Anderson was confirmed as a runner, for the final leg from Orkney to Shetland.

This week, the Hansel of Film reached Beachy Head.  Reports suggest the winds down there feel pretty familiar to the travelling Shetlander.  So the films would have felt at home when Shetlander and concert pianist Neil Georgesen played Elgar to the English Channel from a ghetto blaster.

On Sunday, the Hansel of film reaches Southampton, and half way.  It will be the twelfth event of twenty four, and the films will have made it from the Garrison Theatre to the historic port on England’s south coast.

I missed the Hansel on it’s way down.  However I’m pleased to note that on it’s way back to open Mareel, the films will be brought from Belfast to Bo’Ness by John Glaikie, and from thence to Edinburgh by an individual you will remember from your childhood.  An individual so ubiquitous I can make such a bold statement without fear of inaccuracy.

The individual is Chitty Chitty Bang Bang.  Yes, the airborne automobile will drive the hansel of  film from the Hippodrome in Bo’Ness to the Filmhouse in Edinburgh, sometime between the eleventh and twelfth of August.

You might wish to educate me on the matter, but I don’t recall such a fusion of film, physical geography and human beings in my lifetime.  And I’m proud that Shetland has produced something so local and so global to help inaugurate Mareel.

God speed to her, and all who sail in her.  And if you’re in striking distance of a free screening between now and September, get along and show your support to the film makers of tomorrow, and the visionaries of today.


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