Soul Trader

Some years ago, wir Robert performed a one man show at the WHALE venue at Walpole Hall in 1995 (a truly remarkable and legendary slice of Fringe and WHALE history).  This year, he returns to the one man show format after what was a lifetime for me then (and is half of one now).

Geordie the Viking was a loud, brash, funny Viking from Geordieland with a broken heart. That was 1995 (or thereabouts).  Now, the one man Robert G Williamson show is a touch more complex.  And at least as entertaining.

In Nikolai Gogol’s “Dead Soul’s”, Chichickov travels through nineteenth century Russia.  His grand plan is to buy up dead serfs from landowners, then borrow against them and luxuriate on the proceeds.  “Dead Souls”, as envisaged by Lazzi Arts and performed at the Scotland Russia Institute, follows Chichikov and Gogol as their dreams disintegrate and the boundaries between the two begin to collapse.

Any one man show is a plucky thing to do. The solo performer has nowhere to hide, and cannot switch off until the bow is taken.  Lazzi’s “Dead Souls” is also an exceptionally portable show.  The set consists of a chair.  The rest is all Gogol and Chichikov, performer and audience.

In the intimate environs of the Scotland Russia Institute, Chichikov rattled his gig through on 23rd and 30th March.  He was at it again on Saturday, and returns this Friday evening (the 10th) and Saturday afternoon (the 11th).

The next start on Lazzi’s intercontinental ballistic journey is a theatrical engagement with Ben Okri’s the Comic Destiny, which has it’s world premier on the 14th of August.  Which is pretty damned exciting for me as I’ll be there.  How about you?


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