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The first, last and only (so far) time my words have been heard from a stage (in a play) was at the Circle Studio in the Citizens Theatre.  I’d been encouraged along to Winter Voices Three, a writing course run by Peter Arnott, with Neil Packham and Guy Hollands providing further support.  We worked for twelve weeks or so, mostly in our groups of three.  The finished pieces were then performed by available members of the group (not including me as I was busy with that annoyance which called itself work at the time).

I was back in the Circle Studio today, to catch a sneak preview of The Monster in the Hall, directed by Guy Hollands and produced in partnership with NTS. It opens this weekend at the Citz alongside Yellow Moon.  Both pieces were written by David Greig, and are aimed at teenage audiences.  After the spell in the Gorbals, the ensemble will tour Scotland, England and Wales with these high paced, modern tales, playing town halls and schools as well as local theatres.

After being treated to a couple of scenes from the show, the cast shared some of the experiences they’d had getting the show on it’s feet and on the road.  Especially interesting I found was the way in which international audiences had responded.  The physical sense of the plays reached them before they had time to understand the language, but both pieces have cultivated quite a following in the far east.

The Monster in the Hall centres on Duck, schoolgirl and novelist, and primary support for her Hell’s Angel father who has developed multiple sclerosis.  I’ll be seeing this at some point before the twenty second, and will tell you all about it.  In the next day or two, I’ll be putting some footage of the work and our discussion up at

In the meantime, make your way down to the Citz, hang on to your cushion and enjoy the ride.


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