Re-discoverin dis recoverin

On the 21st of November last year, I received an e-mail saying I had a new follower on Twitter.  @DrDannyPenman . For those of you like me not so long ago who don’t Tweet much because you “don’t really understand it” or “don’t really know how it works”, it’s not that uncommon to have people follow you from varying degrees of randomish.

Many are local businesses, they are often writers or publications.  With a name like “Penmam”, there was a good chance the honourable doctor was not averse to stringing together a sentence or two, so I checked out his profile.

It had a link to the website for his book – “MINDFULNESS – a practical guide to Finding Peace in a Frantic World”.  Know any fathers of two pre-school children who wouldn’t find that desirable?  Well, I wasn’t one.

Of course, mindfulness wasn’t an entirely new concept to me.  Martin Stepek is a vocal champion of it, and the practise forms a major pillar of eastern philosophy.  If you consider its opposite, which I know I have displayed, the advantages really are a no brainer.  But whilst I was  aware (mindful?) of the concept, I didn’t really know enough about it to call myself a practitioner.


I duly followed Dr Penman back, made an indelible mental note of the book, did the sample exercise on the website and wrote to Santa. The big man came through for me, and after a few weeks of Frantic World, this weekend I’ve started to Find Peace to approach this book.

It is structured as an eight week course.  So far I have read the foreword and the introductory chapter.  Already, I doubt I’ll be quite the same again.  Or rather, I doubt I’ll experience life in quite the same way.


On a more worldly note, as MBH mindfully stoated down Byres Road last week she spotted “Vino Valentino”, a new deli on Chancellor Street offering around nine draft wines, numerous high end Italian imports, Limoncello as well as other comestibles.  The very next night I darkened its door for the first of many times, grabbed a bottle of Rabo, an Italian red I’d never heard of before, and the Merlot.


I can happily report that they are delightful, outrageous value and perfect partners to a pasta bolognese bake, a Friday night wind down and a new way of living.

Some things are too good to share.  And some things are too good to keep to yourself, so thank you Dr Danny, thank you Valentinos, and thank you for being part of my wild and crazy life.



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2 Responses to Re-discoverin dis recoverin

  1. Cool Christie that you’re reading the book – it’s great. I recommend it to everyone who attends my free class, and a new group I’m helping for free in East Lothian. Mark Williams and Danny Penman are doing a brilliant job and their books, especially the one you recommend are ideal… but remember mindfulness is a practice (or set of practices) not an intellectual abstract so use the exercises in the free CD that comes with the book. I’d go so far as to say listen to and practice a track a day as a priority ahead of reading a part of the book. That way you’ll establish the all-important routine of actually doing it. Finally try to be mindful in as many moments as you can. Simple things like drinking your coffee or water consciously, aware of temperature, taste, smell, mental response, etc. Life changing. All the very best for 2013 and hope we can catch up at some point.

    • Thanks Martin, that would be great. It’s in my mind to update my progress through the book and the cd on here, for my own benefit and to document the impact they have on my wellbeing. Hope this year is full of good things for you.

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