Ee fareweel

I had sad news last night. Scott Ward filmed ‘The way we played’ as well as ‘Cry for Bobo’ which I watched this morning, wi a greet an a gaff, and numerous other works – too many to mention. He will be remembered as a filmmaker, and a friend. I remember him most fondly today as a firestarter – taking anything he could find and turning it into flames, and laughter. Into nourishment I will carry with me until my final breath.


Tomorrow, his life is celebrated. I will not be able to make it. This is my celebration, and my tribute. My love and sympathy are with those he left behind.

                                                                                                               im Scott Ward

He gied life
whaar he fan fuel,
haaled fae caald november skips,
cut an dried fae mad livvin trees
trivlin fur da lift
or rived aff doors ta naewye
keekit doon an oot.

Hit wis nivvir a mettir o if,
ony fu hit cam tae licht,
cam ta be afore
wha sank,
browt spark;
cradled his rich laer
i da catch o his braeth,
gaffed aff rain at saffened
da lick o flem
at med wis rich,
kent da dance
widna be slockit

kent notheen lests

                                               laek a fire
weel med.


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