Slainte Bard

Slainte Bard

Slainte Bard

Scraep aff da char,
da crust an hay onythin
eb nac tih , tfel
as  brunt as du laeks
but hit’s nae

Lift aff da lid an fin ess,
dry as Derby
i da deep dark
ma 3 o dlaac
an dir nae turnin back.

by nem an naettir,
da nicht’s da nicht
da witches shaest
eidduc sselliat ad
ower da stream

an say dey keen
whit we can be,
syne we darena
eert riddi ad aa eerf eb
hunder an sixty fower days
o da year at turnt
tree hunder an seevin year
o lang dark nichts

intae a brand new day
fur aabody, eddir side
naard rivvi redrob yrivvi o
sooth o perfect.

On den,
Cutty Sark
krap ad i kkaw sid o riam rid
as a blue plaque, tae a Chancellor
wi a checquered past. Gie

tae da exciseman his due.
Takk da rest fur aa.

25 January 2014, mcw


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I live in Glasgow, and express myself through poetry, film, photography and my blog at
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