Shaetlan an compoonds a da richt

Dis a response o mine tae a excellent piece on Bella –

By Angus MacLeod

first published at

‘Confronted with a minority language the folk in question suddenly fall back on the “Ah, but all my forebears and those of the surrounding community were Scots speakers, you see.” You can also insert Pictish, Brythonic or Norse too, if you please.’

Or Shaetlan fur dat mettir. If I was to say I’d nivvir med doon sic a gaet myself I’d be tellin nae mair truth tae mesel as ta ony iddir een. It seems dat bit mair convoluted here i da Wast o Scotland whaar some eens is happier a pliss-nem belang ta some theoretical an lang awa or iddirwise population fae whaarivvir iddir i da Celtic tide as ta accept at Gaelic spaekkirs as med dis country, an da toons an da traivils athin hit, whit hit is.

A’m prood o Gaelic, fuivvir tenuous a connection I micht hae tae hit. Mi ain wye a spaekin’s fine by me an mair an aa, an ony iddir body’s. Da mair da merrier. Whit unites wis isna at wir aa da sam – it’s at wi aa hay different cairds ta takk tae da sam table.

Dir gems wi can aa win, an da graet gift o Scotland da New o 2014 is ta gie wis da spaes ta focus on whit wir good at, whit wi hae in wir favour, an whit wi can offer. Nuts an bolts mettir, but ta hae wan speereet an mony tongues is da aaldist new trick i da book. Scotland didna stop dat in 1707, or in 1603. An hit winna.

Sing aa wis, ay fur Alba den – fur aa at keep her sailin on. Dis da best chance wir hed tae be World Champions since 1967.

Allez-Bleu! Allez-Rouge! Allez-Vert!


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