Time for ploughshares

Today, protesters from across the British Isles converge on our shame.  I would, were it not for family commitments.  I was lucky enough last weekend to join thousands of protesters in George Square calling for an end to nuclear weapons.

Apart from the black stain they leave on all our souls, apart from the fact that were they ever to be used the world would be plunged into a living hell for any lucky/unlucky few survivors, apart from the fact that they part of the United States of America’s imperial defences and that same’s military command and control structure, apart from all that, we simply cannot afford this any longer.

While the political classes cue up to tell us we can’t afford schools, hospitals, fair wages, fair rents, immigration – the political parties which have controlled the United Kingdom are ready to blow £100bn+ on keeping weapons of mass destruction half an hour away from her third largest city.  And they wonder why the Scottish Labour vote is imploding.

Here’s a poem I wrote last week after the rally, as an act of virtual solidarity with my comrades in Argyll today.  Gaun yersels.

Continuous at sea defence

At sea aaryt – but whit
defence kin dir be?

If du hed da power
at dy fingirtips ta melt

da brains o a billion bairns
or tae turn tae dem

at see profit in plunderin
da medicine fund fur gun deals

at wid takk whit wis rendered
unto Caesar fur dir triple hedged

affshore pension pots, wid du no
flick da switch? Wid du no

scatter da thieves an murderers
fae da lobbies an committee rooms

wid du no ploo da rich field
o peace on earth, wid du no

lat da röts run as deep
as a Mark II nuclear submarine sails?

Wid du no pit a end, eence
an fur aa tae da threat

o eence an fur aa?

Chirstie Williamson 2015

One of the arguments against Scottish independence in last years debate was that we would lose global influence.  Like it or not – global influence is long gone for the United Kingdom.  There are two main centres of power in the world today, the USA and the People’s Republic of China.  Of course we have to find a way to fit into that landscape.  We don’t need to blow a ton of cash we don’t have subsidising the pentagon’s ambitions.freedoo


About damagnifyingless

I live in Glasgow, and express myself through poetry, film, photography and my blog at https://damagnifyingless.wordpress.com
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