Crazy Giveaway

For Black Friday, Buy Nothing Friday, I choose to give freely something of great value to me.  Roll up.

Crazy Giveaway

For this bright, spacious well adorned appartment
with parking underneath, we give the wildflower
meadow, the chicks hatching song into the rising
sun, the butterfly and bee finding nectar deep
inside withering petals.

For this well located retail space with world leading
brands served with enthusiasm and knowledge
we give the keepers of treasure troves, the standers
and talkers and the getters to knowers, the live
abovers, the handed downers, the warm inquiry
into Maisy’s hip in the winter.

For this latest, state of the art plasma screen TV
we give the library card, the morning with sketchbooks,
the rainy Saturday afternoons making papier maché
monsters with the kids, the taste of mountain dew
steaming from our loosened boots.

For these thirty pieces, we give the truth that all
we need can be found in the still belly that rests
between breaths, by the wild riverbank allowed
to run free, and in the warm embrace of those closest
to hand.  This offer must end soon.  Spaces are limited
to one precious soul per beating heart.  Avoid
disappointment.  Act now to secure the savings
of a lifetime.


About damagnifyingless

I live in Glasgow, and express myself through poetry, film, photography and my blog at
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2 Responses to Crazy Giveaway

  1. Torya says:

    This is beautiful. Lovely sentiments.

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