I am Christie Williamson, a poet from Shetland who lives in Glasgow.  My first pamphlet, “Arc o Möns” was published by Hansel Co-operative Press in 2009 and was joint winner of the 2010 Calum MacDonald Memorial Prize.

This year, I am running a series of classes in Bathgate, and working on my first collection.  Having spent ten years in the investment business, I’m now seeking new and more creative ways of living.

This blog is designed to keep you updated on all thes fields, but does often get distracted by theatre, film and urban regeneration.  Which I think is no bad thing.


2 Responses to About

  1. Cathy Dreyer says:

    Hello – you are now following a blog that I haven’t updated for a while now, because my focus moved here http://www.walkinginacircle.wordpress.com I’m happy either way, but you may not get much out of LINESONLINE although I AM planning a poetry review soon (of Tiffany Atkinson) but soon’s a flexible concept. Feel free to delete this comment! Cathy x

    • Thanks Cathy – I thought it seemed strangely greenless! Quite pleased to follow both. You’ll get an email from this blog in a flexible busy lifed person keeping a blog sense of the word ‘soon’. I was going to write it tonight but I got a long overdue submission (near enough now) sorted. Very pleased to virtually meet you!

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