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I live in Glasgow, and express myself through poetry, film, photography and my blog at


Good Jül! Here a poyim ta shiv in your pipe   Indicator I caught Santa, nudging out onto Byres Road near the height of the seasonal panic and topical flim flammery.  Half a Pall Mall threatened to crumble its ash … Continue reading

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Crazy Giveaway

For Black Friday, Buy Nothing Friday, I choose to give freely something of great value to me.  Roll up. Crazy Giveaway For this bright, spacious well adorned appartment with parking underneath, we give the wildflower meadow, the chicks hatching song into … Continue reading

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God is great, and resides within you

The events which played out in Paris on Friday 13th November, 2015, and their repercussions, will doubtless be talked, written and debated about for weeks, months, even years.  Already, less than a week after the attacks, vast tracts of writing … Continue reading

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Time for ploughshares

Today, protesters from across the British Isles converge on our shame.  I would, were it not for family commitments.  I was lucky enough last weekend to join thousands of protesters in George Square calling for an end to nuclear weapons. … Continue reading

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First days

Scotland, 2014. What a place. These weeks have been the most intense, exciting, difficult and optimistic times of my life. Pretty damn close to interesting. I believed, always have believed and always will believe that Scotland should be an independent … Continue reading

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Be not afraid

At the very beginning of this whole thing (no, not two years ago when we starting preparing ourselves – six weeks ago) the debate was framed around the Salmond Darling debate. Every yesser I knew (and there were a whole … Continue reading

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Noches exhuberanti

In Glasgow you get two kinds of audiences. Tough and tougher. Tucked snugly off the right side of Sauchiehall Street the Glasgow Film Theatre is used with showing the best of world cinema, to engaged and engaging audiences. So I … Continue reading

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Lies, damn lies and global finance in the independence debate

The past few weeks in the Scottish independence debate has been dominated by pronouncements from the helms of multinational concerns which have been faithfully misinterpreted and misreported in mainstream media.  Par for the course – despite their duty to inform, … Continue reading

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Shaetlan an compoonds a da richt

Dis a response o mine tae a excellent piece on Bella – By Angus MacLeod first published at ‘Confronted with a minority language the folk in question suddenly fall back on the “Ah, but all my forebears and those of … Continue reading

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Slainte Bard

Slainte Bard Slainte Bard Scraep aff da char, da crust an hay onythin eb nac tih , tfel as  brunt as du laeks but hit’s nae awfferin. Lift aff da lid an fin ess, dry as Derby i da deep … Continue reading

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